Our Story

Since I was a little kid, I had a highly developed olfactory sense. I could smell everything and everyone a mile away. My sister used to joke that 'the nose knows'. Because my sense of smell has always been so acute, I have always been extremely sensitive to any fragrances. I have never been able to wear any perfumes and have missed out on that delightful feeling.

That all changed during one of my travels to Cuba. I discovered a Vetiver-based scent that I immediately loved and did not make me feel ill. When I started reading about the origins of Vetiver, I found that it has been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes since ancient times. Its woody, earthly scent promote tranquility, serenity, reduces stress and anxiety. It was no wonder it clicked with me.

For years I dreamed of creating a Vetiver fragrance that could be worn and loved by everyone. One day, I was with a friend who mentioned her family was involved in the manufacturing of beauty products, and the dream became an idea, and the idea came to life. With my life long friend Cory, and my nephew, Alex, we embarked on the trials and tribulations of developing a scent that would be gender neutral, cross generational, and unique. That fragrance is Five One Five.

Five One Five is timeless. It is made with clean ingredients that blend to become personal to its wearer. As much as this journey is my own olfactory memory, I hope that whoever uses Five One Five feels the same.

Maria Zelaya