Is Five One Five clean?

Yes, Five One Five is a clean fragrance brand. We are dedicated to using non-toxic ingredients in our products, which means our fragrances are formulated without harmful substances. We are paraben-free and sulfate-free, and plant-based, meaning we source our ingredients from plants rather than synthetic sources. This commitment to using natural and plant-derived ingredients ensures that our products align with the ideals of clean beauty. So you can confidently enjoy Five One Five fragrances, knowing that they are made with non-toxic, plant-based ingredients.


Is Five One Five unisex?

Yes, Five One Five fragrances are unisex and gender-neutral. Our fragrances are designed to be enjoyed by all and are crafted to be inclusive, allowing anyone to wear and enjoy them regardless of their gender. 


How long will Five One Five last on the skin?

The longevity of Five One Five fragrances can vary. Depending on the amount you apply and the interaction between the fragrance and your skin's chemistry can determine its staying power. Each individual's skin has its own unique characteristics, which can affect the way the fragrance develops and lingers. Therefore, the duration can differ from person to person. Overall, Five One Five aims to provide fragrances that have lasting power and create a memorable experience.


Is Five One Five Vegan?

Yes, Five One Five is proud to be a 100% vegan fragrance brand. We are committed to using only plant-based ingredients in our products, ensuring that no animal-derived ingredients or by-products are used in any part of their fragrance formulation process. 


Can I sample Five One Five?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of trying a fragrance before committing to a full-size purchase, we’ll mail you a sample. Just fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to share. 

What is your return policy? 

All purchases made from Five One Five are considered final sale. We do not accept returns or offer refunds for products purchased because of the risk of tampering. If there are defects or problems with your order, please contact us at info@5one5.com and we will be happy to assist you.

We strive to provide accurate product descriptions and images on our website to give you a clear understanding of our fragrances. However, please note that individual preferences and personal experiences may vary. We cannot accept returns or provide refunds based on personal scent preferences.